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Our Services

Old and New DG set Sale and Purchase in Delhi NCR and India

Mega Power Engineering is one of India's largest and most trusted DG Set sales and purchase companies. It is one of the most competent Diesel Generator Set (Genset) manufacturers in India, which is designed to provide optimum power backup solutions in various business and commercial applications.
Our fully-equipped DG sets have the most advanced technology, cutting-edge equipment, have upgraded engines, systems, and controls, and designed using the latest software. Silent Diesel Generator from Mega Power Engineering is designed and developed indigenously, using modern design & simulation technologies.
The Research & Engineering facility is strengthened by an ultra-modern emission test lab which ensures that our products are emission compliant and eco-friendly. Mega Power Engineering is known for providing noise and emission-free old and new DG sets for sale and purchase in Delhi NCR and India.

Mega Power Engineering sale the following Old and New DG sets in Delhi NCR and India:

● All Branded diesel generators sales
● Commercial Generators
● Domestic generators
● Industrial generators
● Heavy-duty generators
● Stand by Generators
● Prime power generators
● Emergency generators
● Silent generators
● Super silent generators
A strong customer-focused approach and the constant pursuit of maintaining high-quality DG sets have enabled us to attain and sustain the leadership position in this business. We have consistently delivered reliable and high-quality old and new DG sets for sale and purchase in Delhi NCR and India to meet the power requirements of different market segments including telecom, construction, IT / ITES, retail, hotels, hospitals, banking and finance, and manufacturing at very reasonable prices.

DG sets are required in the below industries:

● Service industries such as telecom, BPO, service centers, showrooms, malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants and bars, resorts, hospitals, banks, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions can require DG sets any time due to emergency power cuts.
● Infrastructure projects such as the building of airports, roads, bridges, residential and commercial complexes, townships, high-rise buildings, and many more require DG sets for construction purposes.
● Other significant big and small scale industries like engineering, manufacturing, automobile, textile, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and food processing also hire old or new DG sets.
● Defense agencies, such as the air force, army, and navy, as well as the coast guard also may require DG sets for different purposes.

Why Choose Us

Mega Power Engineering is a generator based company which provides services in Delhi NCR and India. Our primary mission is the renting and sale of old and new DG sets for business and personal usage. We are one of the leading suppliers and service providers of diesel generator sets and equipment like generator designing services, generator installation services, generator rent services, generator repair services, and generator purchase and sale in Delhi NCR and India.
Mega Power Engineering provides an end to end alternate backup power solution that you deserve, no matter what size DG set you may require. We provide a backup power generator installation of any size for your home, business, or commercial purpose. Our technical experts and professionals make sure to provide the most economic and best-performing solution to the customer while keeping all the necessary compliances and norms intact.
Our technical experts working in Delhi NCR and India are highly qualified and experienced Engineers who are specialized in the field of sales, installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, servicing, and overhauling of DG sets. We give priority to quality and aftersales service above everything else. Commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by the pursuit of excellence in all aspects with high technical skills, coordination, and teamwork.

How do we help you with our old and new DG set in Delhi NCR and India?

● When your organization is under expansion and the power requirement is growing, you can purchase a DG set from us.
● We help you to avoid making capital investments in captive power facilities.
● Take a DG set on rent from Mega Power Engineering to complete a large order within the short term.
● You can purchase a DG set from us after setting up a new project site where electric supply is not easily available.
● When you are in a new industrial area, where power supply is yet to be streamlined, till that you can use our DG set on rent.
● Whenever you have seasonal requirements of additional power you can contact us for hiring DG sets.
● When you are experiencing inconsistent and poor quality of electricity you can call us.
● If you want to limit your maximum needs with electricity you can purchase a DG set from us.
● When you need limited power during your planned plant shutdowns you can hire a generator from Mega Power Engineering.

Old DG set Sale:

We deal with a wide range of used generators, of any, make, and in any condition. We sell and purchase old and new DG sets in Delhi NCR and India and exchange the following kinds of generators and other types of power generation related equipment.
● Trailer Mounted Generators
● Standby Diesel Generators
● Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled Generators
● Diesel Generator / Mobile Lighting Towers
● Portable Diesel Generators
We perform complete checking of the generators by using the latest testing technology and hence you can rest assured of the quality of the old generator, you purchase from us. Mega Power Engineering has subject matter experts of all the kinds of generators available in the market today. This means you will receive the best generator technology from us and nothing less.

We supply the following old and new Diesel Generators:

● Diesel Generator up to 15 KVA
● Diesel Generator 15 – 25 KVA
● Diesel Generator 25 – 62.5 KVA
● Diesel Generator 82.5 – 125 KVA
● Diesel Generator 82.5 – 140 KVA
● Diesel Generator 125 – 200 KVA
● Diesel Generator 160 – 320 KVA
● Diesel Generator 380 – 500 KVA
● Diesel Generator 500- 1500 KVA
We don't just check the oil and listen to the noise of the generator. We thoroughly analyze and rate every component of the machine, from the engine to hydraulics, from the tiny washers to the operator's manual. There are more than 100 checkpoints that the quality team at checks before they include the used generator in the inventory.

Benefits of hiring/ buying DG set from Mega Power Engineering:

● Guaranteed Availability
● Immediate delivery
● Quality Power
● Superior fuel consumption
● Total Service Support
Whenever a new or used generator comes to us we research and maintain a thorough maintenance history of the generator. This helps us and also our customers to make an informed choice when purchasing or hiring the DG set from us.

All Type of Panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR and India

Mega Power Engineering is one of the leading industries of all types of panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR and India. Our experts with in-depth industry knowledge from the R & D team focus on designing and modifying the panels of generator sets to design the perfect generator that fulfills your needs. We supply generators and its panels to commercial real estate properties, industrial real estate properties, data centers, hospitals, commercial business facilities, and more.
Our engineers can guide you on panels of prime, continuous, and standby power generators that best fit your required application. We manufacture the most top rated new, used, and surplus panels of power generator sets for sale, providing you with a great value generator that will suit your budget.
Below are some of the panels manufactured in Delhi NCR and India by Mega Power Engineering.

Control Panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR and India

We are well-known manufacturers of Control Panel in Delhi NCR and India. Control Panel is a microprocessor-based generator set designed for monitoring, metering, and giving protection to the generator. We design the control panels that can manipulate input from sensors to help give feedback to the machine to manage itself. One such feedback could be the temperature, indicating overheating, or over / under speed and low / high oil pressure.
We have a rich experience and a competent team of professionals to offer a Diesel Generator Set Control Panel. The control panels of diesel generator sets are checked in different aspects to ensure its presence with the highest quality norms and standards. Besides, the control panel of Mega Power Engineering is known for its power-saving and power regulation & handling.
We offer a high-quality Automatic Genset Control Panel to our valuable customers. Precisely manufactured from high-quality raw materials, our control panels are truly appreciated in the market for their solid construction, robust design, fine finish, high performance, and low maintenance. The control panels manufactured in Delhi NCR and India can be customized as per the specifications provided by the customers.


● Sturdy construction
● Compartmentalized designs
● Durable
● Reliable

AMF panels manufacturer in Delhi NCR and India

We manufacture a wide range of AMF Panel in Delhi NCR and India which is applicable in conjunction with generators, where it finds power failure through relays and activates the generator. AMF Panel stands for Automatic Main Failure Panel and it is an important part of the generator. We have designed it to detect the power failure and start the generator within a certain time limit and automatically switch off when there is power supply. Including the many applications, these are used for the continuous monitoring of three-phase voltage/ current/ frequency of mains and DG and its battery voltage.


● Our AMF control panels are of top quality.
● AMF control panels are available in various models and sizes as per the client’s specifications.
● The roof is also designed to support the load.
● Spaciously designed to have adequate clearance.

Industrial LT Switchboards manufacturer in Delhi NCR and India

Whether in industrial plants or residents, every electronic system needs a reliable supply of electric power. Even a short power failure may damage the equipment. Due to this reason, we need products and systems which cope with every eventuality and always keep us on the safe side. So we manufacture all types of socket and switchboard panels related to DG sets in Delhi NCR and India to socket outlets.
Over the years, Mega Power Engineering has understood the industry’s requirements for a stable electrical system and offered products and solutions that continue to seamlessly run and grow business. Our industrial LT switchboard panels are in high demand in Delhi NCR and India due to it's outstanding features.


● Our industrial LT switchboard are manufactured to work with low electricity consumption that makes them cost-effective.
● They are quite rugged to with stand different climatic conditions.
● Prevent branch circuits from overloads and short circuits.
● Protects the equipment from sudden voltage fluctuations.

Single Generator Set Operator Panels

Mega Power Engineering is one of the best Operator Panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR and India. Our operator panels are included with generator sets and interface engine functions along with generator functions. Due to this the engine and generator can be controlled by a single component i.e the operator panel. Operator panels allow the user to easily view and use the information, generator set controls, and alarm and monitoring. We also offer options to panels such as AC metering and alphanumeric displays.


● Our operator panel is synchronized with the automatic transfer switch for starting signal Controls like start, run, and monitoring activities for both engine and generator.
● Automatic Transfer Switch monitors power at the switch panel.
● switch signals generator set operator panel to start engine When a significant drop or loss of power occurs.
● Switch Panels distribute power to various circuits.

Multiple Generator set operator panels (HMI Panels)

We also manufacture the Human Machine Interface (HMI) panels in Delhi NCR and India that can be used for multiple generator configurations. All the single generator set operator panels communicate with the HMI panel. HMI panels are designed to monitor and control up to five separate generators simultaneously and can be equipped with paralleling capabilities.


● HMI panel controls the main generator set operations and parallels them into system operation.
● HMI panel initiates the startup of Generator Set and performs the cool-down/ shutdown operation.
● Automatic Transfer Switch monitors power at the switch panel. When a significant drop or loss of power occurs, switch signals HMI to appropriate generator set operator panels to start the engine.
● Control and Paralleling Panels house HMI panels, circuit breakers, and switches used to distribute power to various circuits.

Advantages of using all type of generator panels from Mega Power Engineering

● All our generator panels have a user-friendly design. ● Our generator panels can be controlled by any way the user or operator would prefer.
● We manufacture cost-effective panels.
All type of panels manufactured in Delhi NCR and India have High Efficiency.
● The panels manufactured by us are all Robust in design.
● All our generator panels have a long life and guarantee.
Mega Power Engineering is thoroughly inspected, serviced, and verified, which ensures that you will be buying a quality generator panel that you can depend on. If a generator panel is not up to the mark with industry standards, we make all necessary repairs or modifications and fully test every panel before we sell.