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About Us

About Us

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Mega Power Engineering

We are pleased to introduce ourself as M/S. MEGA POWER ENGINEERING a Supply & Installation and Testing, Commissioning of 15KVA To 2000KVA Diesel Generator Set with MS Exhaust Piping sytems & Supply Silent Acoustic Enclouse & Room Acoustic, All type of Panel manufacture AMF / Control Panel & Synchronizing panel etc. We are undertake contracts covering of leading of DG Sets Installation, Loading, unloading, shifting for difficult site & all complete Installation for DG set & All Electrical & Mechanical Service and As authorized installation contractor for M/S. SUDHIR POWER LIMITED of installation brand of SUDHIR SILENT DG set in range of 15KVA To 2000KVA DG set. Since 1998
The company List of valuable customers include :-
Lemon Tree Hotels (Unit of Hyacinth Hotels (P) LTD, Star Facilities Management Ltd, Sudhir Gensets LTD, Star Estates Management Ltd, All India Tennis Association, Genpact India, Ahresty India (P) Ltd. Mahagun Hotels (P) LTD, GAIL INDIA LTD, ICGEB Campus Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Flipkart India Pvt. Ltd, Landmark Buildwell Pvt. Ltd., IFFCO, Munjal Sales Corporation, Achievers Builders Pvt. Ltd. ,Deshbandhu College Evening, Chitra Utsav Video Pvt. Ltd. , Titan Industries LTD,St. Stephen’s Hospital, FiitJee Limited All over India, Salcon Constructions Company, Deustsche Motoren Pvt. Ltd. (BMW),NOVA Medical Centers Pvt. Ltd. , WAPCOS LTD, Creons Infrastructure PVT
LTD,Deputy Commissioner Palwal, Hero Motor Corp LTD, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, M2K Infrastructure (P) Ltd, DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers Ltd, National Oilseeds & Vegetable Oils Development Board, DLF Estate Developers Ltd, B.A.G. Infotainment (P) Ltd, Reliance Limited, Cottage Industries Exposition Ltd, Asian Hotels Limited, Hydraulic & Engineering instruments, Zoom Motels (P) Ltd, Botil Oil Tools India (P) Ltd, Hamdard {WAKF} Laboratories, Robinsons Air Service, Speciality Restaurants (P) Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser, A-tex India (P) Ltd, Simbhaoli Sugars LTD, High Commission of Malta New Delhi, Intex Technologies (India) LTD, Sefy, Technologies LTD, MMTC, CHD Developers LTD, Nature’s Basket LTD, Bharat Hotels LTD, Adani Power LTD, Central Workshop Delhi Bus Depot, Jagdamba Contractors & Builders Ltd, etc.

Installation of DG set in Delhi NCR and India

Mega Power Engineering offers many services to its clients. Out of which the Installation of the DG set is the most crucial one as it requires lots of knowledge and experience to install the generators safely without damage. Although DG sets are convenient and simple to use, with most of them being capable of automatic switching during power cuts, they have also proved to be dangerous to life and property whenever standard procedures and adequate precautions are not followed during its installation, operation, and maintenance.

Safety precautions taken by our experts while installation of DG sets are as follows:

Many potential hazards and risks can take place anytime during the operation of DG Set which cannot always be predicted. Therefore while installation of DG sets our experts are very well cautious and never miss any important part during installation.
● While unloading, shifting of DG Set we ensure proper care is taken so that no damage to men and material is done. We use good quality unloading equipment, tools, and tackles.
● We ensure that the DG room has proper escape routes. We also display the escape map in the DG room which can be helpful during an accident or fire and we make sure that it is clearly visible to all.
● Our technicians provide proper Fire Extinguishers in the DG Set room area.
● We never forget to display Hazard Signs for Electricals Panels, Fuel and Lubricants, etc.
● Personal Protection gadgets like Safety helmet, hand gloves, goggles, and earplugs for protection of all operators, engineers, and staff are provided by Mega Power Engineering for the safety of our experts while working in DG Set room.
● We make sure whether there are proper guards/ protections for all moving parts.
● Our engineers make use of proper tools and tackles to install the DG Set. They also check whether there is no fuel and lubricating oil leakage in the DG set room, as they are fire hazards.
● Diesel Fuel handling needs proper care, which is taken by our experts on a priority basis.

Installation Procedure followed by Mega Power Engineering:

The service, repair, and installation of DG set in Delhi NCR and India is only done by authorized, qualified, and certified service professionals, and technicians who have deep knowledge and experience, and who always comply with standard operating procedures, applicable codes, and regulations. They check whether the generator and its accessories comply with the latest version of any standards as applicable to the equipment.
● Mega Power Engineering has experts to check whether the rated amperage/wattage capacity of the unit is sufficient to control all the planned loads during a power outage.
● The installation of DG set in Delhi NCR and India is done outdoors in a protective enclosure, where required air for cooling and ventilation is available.
● The DG set is installed in close proximity to the location of the transfer switch and the fuel supply, to reduce the required length of cabling and piping respectively.
● We consult a qualified electrician to determine grounding requirements and follow procedures that meet local regulations.
● Our experts charge the batteries completely before they are inserted into the generator.
● They take similar care while unpacking and installing the transfer switch to prevent distortion of the switch.
● The unit is connected to the electrical system supplied by the utility only by means of the automatic transfer switch to ensure isolation between the generator’s electric system and the utility distribution system.
We always allow a qualified and certified technician only to carry out the installation of the DG set in Delhi NCR and India. With the sincerity and dedication of our professionals, we grant the best class DG Set Installation Service. We bestow the installation service after close interaction with the clients. This installation service is given by our experienced team of professionals who are the core of our company. Offered installation service is broadly demanded in several industries. Offered installation service is well known for its perfect execution, excellent quality work, promptness, and cost-effectiveness. The installation services offered by us are the best in the market and are accomplished by our professionals easily. Moreover, maintenance services are also offered to our clients by our professionals.

How do we perform the permanent installation of DG sets?

Mega Power Engineering offers the permanent installation of DG sets in Delhi NCR and India also where the following measures need to be taken into consideration:
● Our experts first make use of lifting equipment like a portable gantry, overhead crane, and/or large forklift to remove the skid from the delivery truck and maneuver it into place.
● We confirm that the concrete pad is located so as to allow the required maintenance of all parts of the generator and is compliant to all relevant regulations.
● Our technicians attach generator skid mounts to the pad, according to the manufacturer’s specifications and measure and square them carefully.
● We also make sure that the room has adequate incoming air supply to support the generator in full operation.
● We ensure the fuel supply system is up to all relevant codes and regulations. Our professionals install cooling air ductwork and louvers for the DG set.
● We install an exhaust system suitable for the DG set to be used.

Why you should hire installation service of DG set from Mega Power Engineering?

Our experts are qualified enough to understand the system requirements and limitations. We check the installation site before installing the DG set thus preventing any environment-related hazard. If we find any threats on the site we hold the installation until it is resolved or change the installation site.
DG set unloading & shifting to foundation process is reviewed with the site our safety team. Our experts check compliance documentation for crane & crane operator involved in DG unloading at the site. Crane and lifting ropes capacity is also verified as per the weight of the DG set which is to be unloaded/shifted in order to prevent any harm. Even the site soil condition is checked by our team members for crane movement. All the safety measures are covered by our professional while unloading and installing the DG set.
We provide such a high-quality installation service at a very low price. Our classy and professional installation and maintenance of DG set services are well known for perfection in Delhi NCR.

DG set Service with AMC in Delhi NCR

Mega Power Engineering is a leading DG set service providers in Delhi NCR with quality work in the field of Diesel Generators AMC including Erection, Installation & Commissioning of DG Sets. We undertake Turnkey jobs like supplying the DG Set, Installation on the foundation, cabling, earthing, etc. We offer Comprehensive as well as Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts for all kinds of DG Sets.
Under the AMC service in Delhi NCR, our customers can avail of our generator maintenance services at any point in time. By offering this service, we remove the worry of owning a generator even after the warranty ends by principle. Our highly efficient & experienced technicians and engineers are capable of handling any type of DG set defects effectively. We offer 24 hours of on-site services to our clients.

Features of AMC service in Delhi NCR:

● Reliable and long-lasting maintenance.
● Advanced components are used while servicing.
● Complete testing and inspection is done.
● Efficient and quick maintenance of different types of DG sets is done.
Mega Power Engineering is regarded as one of the most outstanding service providers of DG set maintenance. All the DG sets are maintained by our professionals. The maintenance of DG sets is provided when there is a sudden breakdown of the power supply. Our DG set service with AMC in Delhi NCR has enabled us to get name and fame as we provide this service with better efficiency.
We undertake the complete job of overhauling, repairing, installation, and maintenance of any types and capacities of Diesel Generator Sets. We are having our qualified team of Engineers who are looking after the above jobs.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) of Mega Power Engineering

When the customer is under AMC, periodic visits by our experts are carried out at the client's site on planned dates. Our engineers check the logbooks for the record of running hours & accordingly suggest the Preventive Maintenance of the DG set. They recommend essential parts and consumables to be stocked for minimizing downtime of the DG set. Our experts also provide single window service for repairs of Charging Alternators, Battery Chargers, Control Panels, etc.

Objectives behind providing AMC service

● To ensure maximum availability and reliability of the DG set.
● To maintain maximum fuel economy.
● To minimize the operation and maintenance cost of the diesel generator.
● To prevent the sudden breakdown of DG set by timely scheduled maintenance.
● To explain operation and maintenance guidelines to the operator of DG set.
● To plan for spare parts requirements.
● To enhance reliability.

DG Set AMC Services offered by Mega Power Engineering:

● Refurbishing of installing & working DG Sets.
● Maintenance of DG Sets, electric generators, and all other generators.
● Maintaining minimum stocks of Spare Parts.
● Preparing and executing the maintenance schedule for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
● Planning & execution for annual shut down.
● Emergency services during any breakdown.
● Installation and erection of all types of diesel Generator sets like Earthing, Cabling, Exhaust Piping, etc.

Benefits of taking the AMC service from Mega Power Engineering:

High-quality performance:
To ensure long run and trouble-free performance of the DG sets, we make use of the best quality parts and components, sourced from the leading vendors of the industry to improve the performance of the diesel generator.
Excellent Manpower:
We are empowered with a team of technically sound workers, acumen, and proactive employees to provide the best services to our valued clients. Every task is executed by a group of experts having years of experience in their concerned discipline.

On-time Completion of the Task:

We are popular in Delhi NCR for our capability to complete the assigned job within tight deadlines. Our endeavors are directed towards setting milestones in the arena of client satisfaction through our quality, better after-sales services, and highly economical price
Affordable Charges:
Our service charges are very affordable for Residential, Commercial & Industrial purposes to attend the work's least time frame. We are providing all genuine spare parts to our valuable customers.

Why is our DG set service with AMC so unique?

● Our experts issue proper guidelines of preventive maintenance & replacement schedule considering the designed parameters of each component of the DG set.
● We schedule frequent engineer visits to our customer’s site, monitor all parameters of engines & do trend analysis of various parameters and hence can schedule upcoming repairs in advance. Therefore, there are no surprise expensive breakdowns.
● We also maintain a complete history of engine & allied systems and keep records of various components, which are part of commissioning. Therefore, at any point in time, we are ready to guide & give our customers a complete DG set support back-up.
● Our engineers are well equipped with special tools for all Make and models of the DG sets.
● We provide instructions to our clients for modifications, changes & generator up-gradation resulting out of technical advancement.
● Above all, a small piece of advice at an appropriate time from an expert can save expensive repairs and of course precious time.

Scope of Work

● Visual checks of the engine.
● Checks under various load conditions.
● Check the performance of the engine, various instruments, gauges & controls.
● Check and diagnose improper functioning of systems/ components and take preventive measures.
● Ensuring timely maintenance & upkeep of the DG set.
● Prior check to prevent minor repair turning major & expensive.
Checking and carrying out all necessary field adjustments as recommended by the manufacturer.
Engine servicing of DG set with AMC in Delhi NCRas required and indicated by service meter and the equipment logbook or visual inspection as per the operating condition.
A report will be submitted by our engineers after the equipment inspection and servicing are carried out. This report will also include suggestions on the replacement of any parts or sub-assembly, an improvement on the efficiency of the DG set.

Tasks of AMC service by Mega Power Engineering

● Up-gradation or elimination of damaged parts of DG set with AMC in Delhi NCR.
● Replacement and changes in the fuel filter and air filter as and when needed.
● Inspection of the battery and physical wire connections.
● Periodic checks of fluid levels.
● Regular checks and supervising of control panel readings and indicators in DG set by our experts.
● Inspection of the battery and physical wire connections.
● Available on call.

Troubleshooting under AMC service

We attain all the breakdown calls within 24 hours from the time of the logging of the complaint. After receiving breakdown calls from customers our technicians rush to the site with all essential equipment to troubleshoot and analyze failures. Most of the DG set problems are attended and resolved with the backup of required spare parts.